Sunday, February 06, 2005

Important KRUD

Here's the deal. Glenn and I have been lazy about dealing with requests from people asking us to post about their bands and we apologize for that. Within the next week or so, we're going to work on dealing with those. But right now I'm going to lay down some ground rules on how things are going to work with past requests and all requests to come...

1) If we don't like you music then you're not getting posted.

2) If your band is not getting posted, we will not inform you. However, bands who are getting a requested posting will be informed.

3) No complaints about what we say or do with the music you are requesting us to post. If you paid us to do it, you might have cause to complain.

4) We cannot accept posting requests from people who are not in the requested band. This rule mostly applies for bigger bands who could strike us with bigger lawsuits.

These rules will go into effect as of this posting. Additionally, Glenn and I are now implementing "Request Fridays" where we post about the best band out of all those who requested that we post their music. If more than one band makes a good impression on us, there's gonna be multiple bands in the same post. If Glenn and I are in disagreement on which band is the best, we'll make separate posts. And you have to make quite an impression on us to make us want to do a post about your band. The key word in that last sentence being "want." We have to want to let other people know about your band instead of anything else. So give us something worth posting and give us a pitch worthy of the best businessman if you really want us to post about your music.

It seems like I'm making a big deal out of this, but we actually don't get that many requests, so these alleged "Request Fridays" will probably end up having normal posts. I just wanted to make sure everyone was clear about Radio KRUD's stance on the "request issue." Glenn and I are not opposed to requested postings, just so long as everyone follows the rules, including us.

This post may have been kind of a downer with its overly serious edge and lack of song. But don't worry, Mr. T says everything will be OK... foo.


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