Saturday, January 22, 2005

Plain White T's

I know I've been posting about a lot of emo artists recently, but I've just been in the mood recently. And contrary to anti-popular belief, there are some good emo bands out there. Take today's band, for instance. I ran into the Plain White T's when I was following a link to my friend's brother's band. I kept seeing ads for the Plain White T's plastered all over the site, Pure Volume, since they were the featured artist. I eventually gave in to repetitive advertising and checked out their music. I downloaded their song "Take Me Away" and was very impressed. It's radio-worthy in my opinion. Their other stuff isn't as good, but it's decent. For example, "Hey There Delilah" is a simple, sweet song that makes for a pleasant listen. "Revenge" is a percussively heavy and aggressive song, which is an interesting change of sound compared to the previous two songs.

Plain White T's actually has an interesting and engaging sound. If you're into emo, they're probably worth checking out.

Buy Plain White T's All That We Needed

Plain White T's - Take Me Away


Alright, I tried using Yahoo for, like... 10 minutes. But it just failed on me too quickly. So forget it. Back to using alternate methods of linking until Glenn gets back from touring Europe with the sexy ladies. And you're still going to have to right-click this song link and "Save Target As" just like under the short-lived Yahoo system. In fact, you should do that no matter what. You're this close to being thrown to the mail-order lions. Don't test my patience any further.


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