Friday, August 06, 2004

Krud Cred

I just did a quick search on "Radio KRUD" to see where we've been mentioned, and found this:

"Radio Krud is een nieuwe mp3blog die goed begint met Frank Zappa en het fantastische Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra."

My best guess at a translation: "Radio Krud is a new mp3blog with good beginnings with Frank Zappa and the fantastic Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra."

That gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside, hehehe... :D

Ok, I now return you to whatever in the world you were doing before I interrupted...


At 8/07/2004 04:42:00 AM, Blogger melaten said...

if you like, go to
and get listed there

herr k. from *totally fuzzy*

At 8/08/2004 01:04:00 AM, Blogger MC Glenn said...

Awesome, I'll definitely check that out! Thanks!


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