Friday, July 16, 2004

Yoko Kanno / Samply Red: "Perfect Rouge

Welcome to all the listeners from The Tofu Hut - gee, only a few days live and we're already being pimped out? I guess that means we're starting to hit The Big Time in musicblogging already (whatever that is)! The mind boggles! Have a look around and see if you like what you hear - the site's still going through some changes thanks to megs, so we are going to have a redesign shortly. But who cares what the site looks like? On with the tunes!!

Continuing on from yesterday with peppy Japanese music, if you've listened to at least the music to Cowboy Bebop (movie or tv series), or even listened to a few other various anime soundtracks, you ought to be familiar with the work of Yoko Kanno.

I found out about this particular album when I went on a trip to Japan to visit some friends for two weeks, and ended up wandering around the country by myself for one of those weeks. During my stay in Tokyo I was wandering through Shibuya and found a Tower Records store and figured I'd take a look around. After poking around I saw this cd set up for sampling, and after giving it a try I was hooked - took me a little over a year to find the cd, but thanks to the magic of the internet and my new favorite webpage for cds from Japan (, of course), I was able to hunt it down. Tonight I'd like to share with you some of her work - used for TV commercials - as part of the group "Samply Red". Think of it as music from Cowboy Bebop meets big band jazz, or just plain old big band jazz if you haven't heard the music to Cowboy Bebop...

"Perfect Rouge III TV Version"
"Perfect Rouge II TV Version"
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